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27 Sept 20 | This week in the workshop

So you may have already seen on our Instagram feed that we now offer a solution to that horrible middle lining commonly seen on the Barbour Tokito Commander ‘Skyfall’ jacket. We have found a solution that neatly removes the sweaty membrane and actually makes your wax jacket far more wearable. Get in touch for more details.

We’ve also had a hectic week in every way possible. We have had record numbers of wax jackets through the doors and on Friday I enjoyed a great conversation with Nick Johannessen of fame for the fantastic Garmology podcast. See more here.

This weekend we also shared details of our fantastic new service to add pockets to any jacket! See our feed for more details or drop us a message.

Have a great Sunday.

9 Sept 20 | This week in the workshop

Another record week for which we can’t thank our customer’s enough for trusting us to look after their jackets.

We’ve had the pleasure to have fixed up a 20 year old John Partridge by adding a new collar, leather cuff capping and fixing a number of small tears.

We’ve had a very unique women’s Belstaff that we’ve not seen before alongside one the ever popular electric blue Barbour International jackets that always gathers comments on our Instagram page.

More and more requests to improve the infamous Barbour Tokito Skyfall jacket land with us and we’re finally on with testing a solution this week. Updates to follow soon!

Wear your scars with pride!

Familiar with Wabi-Sabi?

A wax jacket is one of the most sustainable fashion choices you can make and if looked after, can genuinely last a life time. We get SO many that have been passed down through the generations, each with a patch, a rip or tear that tell their own story.

We love to see these jackets and love even more to be able to add to their character. We want our customers to wear their scars with pride!

Why should I re-wax my jacket?

Rewaxing, reproofing, proofing, waxing… whatever you may know it as, it is generally the same thing.

Reproofing your jacket enables the jacket to retain its waterproofing properties that should have been there when you bought it. Over time and use, the wax coating will fade and your jacket will start to let in the water. Not enough people realise that a simple rewax makes your jacket as good as new.

£55 to reproof the one you have or £200+ for a new one? Luckily, the choice is yours!

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